Low-odor clearcoats of Brillux colors

Both low-odor paints for interior and durable paints for exterior, we offer you the brand Brillux. Seal so your wood surfaces for a perfect result. Clear Coat is called the coatings are applied to the substrate and are translucent or transparent. The clear coat painting colored pigments, but only binder to form a protective layer on the substrate.

Brillux Lacryl-PU Wood Sealant 262 silk matt
Item no.: 026207500000
27,28 €/Ltr.20,46€*
Brillux Parquet Sealant 344 silk matt colorless
Item no.: 03440750000x
46,60 €/Ltr.34,95€*
Brillux Parquet Sealant 342 shiny colorless
Item no.: 03420750000x
46,60 €/Ltr.34,95€*
Brillux Lacryl-PU Wood Sealant 264 tansparent shiny
Item no.: 026407500000
45,67 €/Ltr.34,25€*
Brillux Impredur High Gloss Varnish 784 colorless
Item no.: 078407500000x
40,49 €/Ltr.30,37€*
Brillux Impredur Silk Matt Varnish 780  colorless
Item no.: 078007500000x
33,27 €/Ltr.24,95€*

The manufacturer Brillux offers clear coats to water-based or alkyd resin. These are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can choose between the degrees of gloss or semi-gloss shine.

If you protect your wood surfaces, the surfaces are much more durable. Whether parquet flooring surfaces, decorative wooden figures or wooden tables, Brillux offers for each application for the right product.

The product range:
The product Impredur high gloss clear coat 784 is suitable for high-quality, colorless paint on wood. In addition, it is aromatic, mild odor, high gloss, durable, shiny stable and resistant to normal household cleaners.
Application: doors, cabinets and furniture.

The product Impredur semi-gloss clear coat 780 differs from the Impredur glossy clearcoat 784 only in the degree of gloss. The semi-gloss clear coat 780 is satin instead of high gloss. the Parquet seal 342 is suitable for a high quality, durable and colorless sealer for parquet flooring, floors, hardwood floors and for fixed-bonded cork flooring. The parquet seal is glossy, water-based, low odor, one-component, durable, abrasion-resistant, easy to use and resistant to mild household cleaner. The parquet seal is also available in satin finish.

The Lacryl PU Wood Seal 264 is a high quality, durable and colorless paint for natural wood surfaces such as wood profile, wood paneling, skirting boards, panels and doors. The Lacryl PU Wood Sealer is glossy, water-based, low odor, a quick-drying PU acrylic paint for interior use, wear-resistant, durable, resistant to yellowing, resistant to mild household cleaner and with special UV absorbers to maintain the original color of the wood. The Lacryl PU Wood Sealer is, and almost all products from Brillux, in satin finish available.

The manufacturer Brillux provides many ways to protect your surfaces quality and fast. With the colors of Brillux best results. The manufacturer also offers perfectly matched systems for high-quality coatings on different substrates.

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