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Brillux stains on wood surfaces in different colors

A glaze is a paint film which is translucent. Surfaces that are coated with a glaze, shining through the ground and it is therefore still visible. Classic substrates for wood stains are areas where you can see the grain even after the renovation coat. Most stains for wood substrates have a UV protection and protect the wood from graying.

Brillux Surface Woodstain 620 (protect only from 3 ltr.)
Item no.: 062007500000
33,04 €/Ltr.24,78€*
Brillux Lacryl Woodstain 235
Item no.: 023507500000
34,84 €/Ltr.26,13€*
Brillux Gel-Woodstain 510 (protect only from 0,75 ltr.)
Item no.: 051007500000
33,04 €/Ltr.24,78€*

A glaze is a transparent or semi-transparent coating on wood. A distinction is made between thin film and thick-film glazes. A thin glaze has a water-like consistency, so they can be processed less comfortable. However, they can also penetrate deeply and protects the wood from the inside and due to its consistency in the wood. By washing and fading outdoors weathered a thin glaze gradually. Therefore, a glaze needs to be reapplied after a few years. Typical applications include fences, wooden houses and wooden components are not accurate. A thin film also frequently serves as a primer for a thick layer stain. Just dimensionally stable structural elements such as doors and windows, a wood impregnation is first applied, then a thin glaze and as a final coating thickness protective glaze is brushed.

A thick layer of glaze has a consistency similar to paint and has nearly the same properties. It forms on the surface of the wood a closed layer. It can be used in outdoor and indoor use. The manufacturer Brillux offers a wide range of different glazes. Whether thick layer glazer 580 Gel Stain 510, 620 surface glaze, Lacryl Wood Stain 235 and Fence Stain 558 for each timber member is catered for.

The duration of protection glaze 580 is extremely weather resistant and is suitable for all deciduous and coniferous woods and on dimensionally stable and limited dimensionally stable wood. The gel glaze 510 is a one-pot system and can be used for dimensionally stable and limited dimensionally stable wooden parts. The surface glaze 620 covers the area of non-dimensionally stable and limited dimensionally stable wood.

For an environmentally friendly paint the Lacryl Wood Stain is 235. It is water based and is suitable for dimensionally stable, limited dimensionally stable and not dimensionally stable wooden parts. As the name implies, the fence glaze 558 is suitable for fences, gates and for all structural elements that are not true to size.

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