Brillux coatings in almost every colors

Even with difficult conditions you can achieve with the Brillux paints an optimal result. Most products are available in almost every color.

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Brillux Road Marking Paint 108 3 Ltr.
Item no.: 010800030000
35,77 €/Ltr.107,32€*
Brillux Impredur Ventipaint 822 white (protect only from 3 ltr.)
Item no.: 082207500000
33,55 €/Ltr.25,16€*
Brillux Lacryl-PU Wood Sealant 262 silk matt
Item no.: 026207500000
27,28 €/Ltr.20,46€*
Brillux Hydro-PU-Tec High Gloss Paint 2084 white
Item no.: 208407500000
140,83 €/Ltr.105,62€*
Brillux Lacryl-PU Silk Matt Paint 270
Item no.: 027007500000
17,83 €/Ltr.13,37€*
Brillux Lacryl Window Paint 273 white
Item no.: 027307500000
42,43 €/Ltr.31,82€*
Brillux Lacryl-PU Gloss Paint 275
Item no.: 027507500000
27,63 €/Ltr.20,72€*
Brillux Impredur Silk Matt Paint 880
Item no.: 088007500000
37,16 €/Ltr.27,87€*
Brillux Metallic Effect Paint 670 750 ml
Item no.: 067007500000
62,95 €/Ltr.47,21€*
Brillux Aluminum Bronze 283 silver
Item no.: 02830500000x
53,34 €/Ltr.26,67€*
Brillux Parquet Sealant 344 silk matt colorless
Item no.: 03440750000x
46,60 €/Ltr.34,95€*
Brillux Parquet Sealant 342 shiny colorless
Item no.: 03420750000x
46,60 €/Ltr.34,95€*
Brillux Impredur High Gloss Paint 840
Item no.: 084007500000
38,77 €/Ltr.29,08€*
Brillux Gold Bronze 295 gold 125 ml
Item no.: 029501250000x
122,72 €/Ltr.15,34€*
Brillux Hydro-PU-Tec Silk Matt Paint 2088
Item no.: 208807500000
38,92 €/Ltr.29,19€*
Brillux Lacryl-PU Wood Sealant 264 tansparent shiny
Item no.: 026407500000
45,67 €/Ltr.34,25€*
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The manufacturer Brillux offers 4 different container sizes. So that you always have the right container for your square meter. Whether standard colors or colors from the paint system You can get the varnishes in 375 ml, 750 ml, 3 liters and 10 liters.

A silk matt lacquer from Brillux is the Impredur silk matt lacquer 880. This varnish is based on alkyd resin, odorless, aromatic-free, suitable for exterior and interior use, resistant to household cleaning agents, has a noble silken matt degree of gloss, and is especially suitable for high-quality paintwork on primed wood or metal surfaces suitable.

The Brillux quality is convincing thanks to its high opacity and its perfect surface finish.

A high-gloss lacquer from Brillux is the Impredur high gloss lacquer 840. This varnish differs from the silk matt lacquer 880 only in the degree of gloss. However, the manufacturer also offers water-based lacquers. For example, the Hydro-PU-Tec silk matte lacquer 2088. The silk matte lacquer 2088 is low odor, suitable for indoor use, high light fastness, extremely low yellowing tendency, based on the latest PU-binding technology and has an excellent profile and is for a particularly high-quality intermediate And final lacquers in premium quality for example on wood materials, aluminum, iron / steel and zinc.

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