Brillux impregnation as a wood preservative for wood substrates

With deep-penetrating impregnations of Brillux you can regulate the moisture level of the wood and the wood is protected against blue mold and other pests and fungi.

Brillux Impredur Wood protecting Primer 250 colorless
Item no.: 025007500000x
27,48 €/Ltr.20,61€*
Hydro Facade Impregnating Agent 512 colorless 1Ltr.
Item no.: 051200010000
95,20 €/Ltr.95,20€*
Brillux Top Coat 871 white (protect only from 3 ltr.)
Item no.: 087107500000
36,63 €/Ltr.27,47€*
Brillux Surface Woodstain 620 (protect only from 3 ltr.)
Item no.: 062007500000
33,04 €/Ltr.24,78€*
Brillux Lacryl Woodstain 235
Item no.: 023507500000
34,84 €/Ltr.26,13€*
Brillux Gel-Woodstain 510 (protect only from 0,75 ltr.)
Item no.: 051007500000
33,04 €/Ltr.24,78€*

Impregnations are a binder-containing liquids which do not contain pigments or fillers. These are used to pre-treat absorbent substrates such as wood, plaster or concrete.

Impregnant may have different properties. To plaster them equalize the absorbency and thus bring a uniformly absorbent surface. Impregnation for wood are often wood preservatives, which are also known as impregnation glaze. These form a protective effect for the underground against different influences and pests, eg blue stain and fungi. An impregnation is always applied to the uncoated substrate.

The product Brillux Impredur Wood 550 is suitable for the impregnation of raw softwood or hardwood such examples on doors, windows, soffits, pergolas, wooden fences, plankings and much more. It is suitable without ground contact for preventive protection against blue stain or other fungal species for all static unclaimed timber outdoors. The wood impregnation is colorless, so you will not be detrimental to the color selection. The product is deep penetrating, moisture control, easy to apply and fast drying. The product can also be easily updated with translucent or opaque alkyd or acrylic paints. Impregnation of wood should not be diluted. They can be applied by brush to the untreated wood. Should be to achieve the high efficacy against blue stain the application rate to be applied 160-200 ml per square meter. With this application amount the RAL quality and test conditions are achieved.

The tools or brushes should be cleaned immediately after use with turpentine substitute or brush cleaner. This product is available in the following packaging sizes: 375 ml, 750 ml, 3 liter or 5 liter. To the Storage: Close the opened containers tightly closed and in a cool, dry place. The Impredur Wood 550 should not be used indoors. In addition, the protection is not for apiaries, saunas or greenhouses is suitable.

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