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Brillux Deep Penetrating Primer 545 solvent-based clear inside and outside

Item no.: 054500010000x

stone / concrete
interior plasters
facade plasters
13,63 €/Ltr.
containing solvents
gloss level
stone / concrete
interior plasters
facade plasters
This primer is deeply penetrating, colorless, solvent-based, water-vapor permeable and suitable for indoor and outdoor. For strengthening and priming crumbling surfaces (plaster, emulsion paint kreidene) and for porous substrates (concrete, plaster, plast

Thinning:Depending on the surface absorbency up to approx. 20% with Turpentine-Substitute 321. Compatibility: Do not mix with different types of material. Application: Preferably apply Deep penetrating Primer 545 with a wide brush. Avoid glossy surfaces. Consumption: Approx. 150–200 ml/m² per coat depending on the absorbency of the surface. Exact consumption can be determined by a test application on the object to be painted. Application temperature: Can be applied on dry, frost free surfaces under +5 °C temperature. Tool cleaning: Clean tools immediately after use with Turpentine-Substitute 321 or Quick Brush Cleaner 111. Drying: (+20°C, 65% rel. humid.) Can be recoated and further system steps can be applied after sufficient drying and evaporation of the solvent, in general, this means after drying overnight. Allow longer drying times at a lower temperature and/or higher air humidity. Storage: Cool and dry. Reseal containers tightly.


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