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Here you will find everything you need to treat your clinker

Clinkers are designed for many weather conditions, so it is only recommended to protect them well. Here you will find everything you need to protect your clinker. From the primer to the facade paint, everything is there, but also the appropriate cleaning agents against dirt on the clinker can be found here.

Brillux Adhension Primer ELF 3720 white
Item no.: 372000050000
6,01 €/Ltr.30,04€*
Brillux Evocryl Facade Paint 200 exterior white (protect only from 3 ltr.)
Brillux Multicoloured Plaster 3552 1-2 mm for outside 20 kg
Item no.: 355200200000
6,81 €/kg136,18€*
Brillux Road Marking Paint 108 3 Ltr.
Item no.: 010800030000
35,77 €/Ltr.107,32€*
Hydro Facade Impregnating Agent 512 colorless 1Ltr.
Item no.: 051200010000
95,20 €/Ltr.95,20€*
Brillux Special Synthetic Resin Thinner 915 colorless
Item no.: 09150001000X
18,87 €/Ltr.18,87€*
Pufas Fine Filler 400 g
Item no.: 17-34-0,4-4007954334010
8,05 €/kg3,22€*
Brillux 56 weather resistant exterior paint matt white exterior
Item no.: 005602,50000
9,85 €/Ltr.24,62€*
Pufas Construction Adhesive K15 crystal clear 300 g cartridge
Item no.: 17-093-0,3-4007954350010
30,20 €/kg9,06€*
Pufas Isolate white interior/exterior 750 ml
Item no.: 17-275-00-400795413xx
22,03 €/Ltr.16,52€*
Brillux Universal Fungicide 542 mixing ratio 1:2 Water
Item no.: 054200010000xx
16,63 €/Ltr.16,63€*
Brillux Natural Stone Render ELF 3551 20 kg
Item no.: 355100200000
6,81 €/kg136,18€*
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