Tips and recommendation on window processing

Windows in the indoor or outdoor area with the appropriate wood protection glazes, with this renovation coating the wood grain remains visible in wooden windows. Window covering with a window varnish in this section we have for you the right paints Top quality at a reasonable price. Plastic windows can also be painted with suitable lacquers.

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Albrecht Universal Primer interior/exterior
Item no.: 44-FADISALB04-00
30,05 €/Ltr.11,27€*
Conpart impregnating glaze 8070
Item no.: 39-1031688x
83,68 €/Ltr.62,76€*
Brillux Impredur Wood protecting Primer 250 colorless
Item no.: 025007500000x
27,48 €/Ltr.20,61€*
Pufas Fine Filler 400 g
Item no.: 17-34-0,4-4007954334010
8,05 €/kg3,22€*
Albrecht Satin color Coloured Paint silk gloss interior/exterior can
Item no.: 44-FALACALB69-00
46,48 €/Ltr.5,81€*
Sikkens Polyfilla Pro W360 2in1-System repair compound 250 ml
Item no.: 2-804545
136,12 €/Ltr.34,03€*
Geiger wood bleach powder brightening of precious woods
Item no.: 2-0003019
39,97 €/kg11,99€*
Brillux Impredur Ventipaint 822 white (protect only from 3 ltr.)
Item no.: 082207500000
33,55 €/Ltr.25,16€*
Sikkens Cetol BL Unitop transparent hard lacquer colourless
Item no.: 3-5950000
32,49 €/Ltr.32,49€*
Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 plus long life thick-layer stain
Item no.: 3-4252500
30,55 €/Ltr.30,55€*
Brillux Lacryl Window Paint 273 white
Item no.: 027307500000
42,43 €/Ltr.31,82€*
Sikkens Rubbol BL Isoprimer solvent-borne primer/undercoat white
Item no.: 3-5754500
39,29 €/Ltr.39,29€*
Sikkens Cetol BL Predura colorless impregnation exterior
Item no.: 3-2309800
20,54 €/Ltr.20,54€*
Sikkens Rubbol Grund plus silk matt primer/undercoat
Item no.: 3-4293000
26,99 €/Ltr.26,99€*
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Window painting or painting is not difficult, with the right tool and the right color, you can take this very well in your hand. Here it is only important to distinguish how the window should be painted and if already existing coating is on the window. It is best to always stay with a line and brand. Thus, it can be excluded that adhesion problems occur or that the wood gets dark spots. In this case, care must be taken as to whether solvents or free products are involved.

If you have this information, you can also get started. In a wooden window, wood protection lacquers are often used, which are available in a wide variety of colors. This keeps the wood grain (structure) and you get a whole new color play. From ash, pine to palisander or walnut everything is represented. Here, we recommend the thin layer glaze Sikkens Cetol HLS for the first coat and the thick layer glaze Sikkens Cetol filter 7 for the final coat. You can, of course, also paint the windows white or, if necessary, in different colors, to match the door ,

Here, the Brillux valve pack 822 is liked by the company because it is a top brand product which has very good humidity control and is therefore unbeatable in the area of ​​the topcoats in the outdoor area. If you have a window with plastic coating, this is not a problem, also for us there are suitable products. Important is always no matter what is painted, before each painting has to be sanded and the substrate cleaned, unless you have a lacquer that peels off and dissolves by itself, then all loose spots must be removed and in the best case completely repainted , Now you just have to give up the right order and can go directly with the renovation of their windows.

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