The right coatings and care products for wooden terraces

Protect your wooden terrace with quality products for many years of maintenance.

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Glutoclean Teak Cleaner and greay varnisher 750 ml
Item no.: 17-390372
8,48 €/Ltr.6,36€*
Glutoclean Teak and hardwood Oil 1 Ltr.
Item no.: 17-390371
9,68 €/Ltr.9,68€*
Conpart impregnating glaze 8070
Item no.: 39-1031688x
15,19 €/Ltr.11,39€*
Albrecht Tile Lacquer glossy 750 ml can pure white
Item no.: 44-FALACALFLI
23,41 €/Ltr.17,56€*
Brillux Road Marking Paint 108 3 Ltr.
Item no.: 010800030000
32,05 €/Ltr.96,14€*
Albrecht Satin color Coloured Paint silk gloss interior/exterior can
Item no.: 44-FALACALB69-00
47,68 €/Ltr.5,96€*
Geiger wood bleach powder brightening of precious woods
Item no.: 2-0003019
41,00 €/kg12,30€*
Brillux Top Coat 871 white (protect only from 3 ltr.)
Item no.: 087107500000
33,40 €/Ltr.25,05€*
Sikkens Cetol shelter against weather covering semigloss
Item no.: 3-5951100
25,30 €/Ltr.25,30€*
Brillux Surface Woodstain 620 (protect only from 3 ltr.)
Item no.: 062007500000
30,16 €/Ltr.22,62€*
Sikkens Cetol BL Predura colorless impregnation exterior
Item no.: 3-2309800
21,07 €/Ltr.21,07€*
Brillux Paint Stripper Gel colorless
Item no.: 017000030000x
22,94 €/Ltr.68,83€*
Brillux Metallic Effect Paint 670 750 ml
Item no.: 067007500000
56,92 €/Ltr.42,69€*
Sikkens Cetol Novatech silk glossy high solid joinery
Item no.: 3-1556000
31,47 €/Ltr.31,47€*
Sikkens Componex WR Primer two-component timber/filler
Item no.: 3-52241
348,60 €/Ltr.69,72€*
Sikkens Cetol HLS extra solvent-borne, semi-gloss finishing coat
Item no.: 3-4256800
21,45 €/Ltr.21,45€*
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You have a wonderful terrace, only the wooden surfaces look no longer chic? Are dirty or have a gray glimmer? No problem, we have the right products in the shop. Cleanser and degraber, bleaching powder, woodworm death, oil and also glaze. All you need to get your wooden floor on the terrace again beautiful. Most terraces floors become gray and dull with time, with the passing of the shine and the freshness, by the high stress of humidity and sun effects.

If you can clearly identify soiling, the cleaner / stripper from Glutoclean can be very helpful. It gets the most stubborn stains and green covers away and is optimal, as it is suitable for many different types of wood. If you have worms or other wood pests in your wood, you have to react quickly, for this is the woodworm death from the company Kluthe, which must fill the wood grain carefully and the already obvious wormholes must be impregnated at least twice, if everything is quiet afterwards No wood shavings (worm channels) can be seen anymore, you have managed it and the pests are gone.

If this does not work, you can also repeat the process a third time, but then the question arises whether you can not directly call a pest control to help you with the problem. They can then apply the boards with oil care or an impregnation / varnish. The wood should be completely dry after cleaning and then painted well with oil or glaze using a roller or a brush. For this purpose, we offer you an optimal wood protection glaze from Sikkens. This is a thin layer lacquer, which you get in many different colors. So you can not only get your wood a new look, but also a completely new look. If you want the soil to look just fresh again and no longer dull or gray, you can apply a maintenance oil only after cleaning, you can rub it with a dry cloth in the wood grain. This way, the actual color of the beams reappears and your terrace radiates a new glow.

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