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Albrecht Universal Primer interior/exterior
Item no.: 44-FADISALB04-00
30,05 €/Ltr.11,27€*
Conpart impregnating glaze 8070
Item no.: 39-1031688x
83,68 €/Ltr.62,76€*
Brillux 2K-Aqua Epoxy Primer 2373 600 ml Successor to 873
Item no.: 237306000000
30,72 €/Stück30,72€*
Brillux 2K-Epoxi-Varioprimer-S-864 4 Liter (Nachfolgeprodukt Haftgrund 855)
Brillux Zinc Dust Paint 128
Item no.: 01280500000X
119,34 €/Ltr.59,67€*
Herbol hydroprimer waterthinnable indoor and outdoor white
Item no.: 15-241001
18,13 €/Ltr.18,13€*
Brillux Impredur Wood protecting Primer 250 colorless
Item no.: 025007500000x
27,48 €/Ltr.20,61€*
Pufas Fine Filler 400 g
Item no.: 17-34-0,4-4007954334010
8,05 €/kg3,22€*
Brillux 2K-Epoxi-Varioprimer-865 1 Liter (Nachfolgeprodukt Haftgrund 855)
Albrecht Satin color Coloured Paint silk gloss interior/exterior can
Item no.: 44-FALACALB69-00
46,48 €/Ltr.5,81€*
Herbol acrylic satin silk gloss varnish semi-gloss white
Item no.: 15-246001
20,60 €/Ltr.20,60€*
Sikkens Polyfilla Pro W360 2in1-System repair compound 250 ml
Item no.: 2-804545
136,12 €/Ltr.34,03€*
Geiger wood bleach powder brightening of precious woods
Item no.: 2-0003019
39,97 €/kg11,99€*
Brillux Impredur Ventipaint 822 white (protect only from 3 ltr.)
Item no.: 082207500000
33,55 €/Ltr.25,16€*
Brillux 2C Epoxy Primer 855 0,5 ltr. only lightgrey
Item no.: 085500010000
36,90 €/Ltr.36,90€*
Sikkens Cetol BL Unitop transparent hard lacquer colourless
Item no.: 3-5950000
32,49 €/Ltr.32,49€*
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Railings, they are available on every staircase on every balcony, inside and outside, made of wood or metal. One thing is certain, almost everyone has a railing on or in his house, which is also no longer beautiful or is to be changed for fashion reasons.

Everything used to be very massive and coarse, wood was used, which are exactly those objects which are redesigned today, as a complete new construction often too cost intensive or is old railing is too good to tear it down. Often these are not to be criticized by the quality at all, only the appearance needs a new cut, and just for such problems we can introduce and offer you the most optimal products. Today, everything is made brighter and more friendly, a clear white tone or slightly colored elements are now the hit.

Not every trend has to be taken, but painting a handrail brighter or lighter can only be an advantage for your sense of living. You will be amazed at what makes this change. If you have a version of wood, you can also cover emphasize this glazing or, in this case you can use solvent-free products for indoor use well water-based so that you are less odorous, for outdoor use, there are the same colors on Lösemittelhaltigerbasis. Many of the products are standard white but can also be mixed in other tones. In the case of the glazes there are also some tones to choose from and the wood grain remains intact, so only a light color shimmer comes on the wood. We can also offer products such as wood bleaching powder, paint strippers, putty, impregnations and primers in our shop. These are, of course, available for wood and metal surfaces.

In the case of metal railings it is very important to pay attention to rust. If it is present, it must be completely removed and optimally repainted with an adhesive base in order to achieve an ideal adhesion of the subsequent varnish. If you follow these steps you can not go wrong. It is important to always use good tools (sandpaper, brush, roller, wire brush, masking materials) and high quality lacquers and glazes.

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