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Protect your fence from the elements, whether metal or wood.

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Glutoclean Teak and hardwood Oil 1 Ltr.
Item no.: 17-390371
9,68 €/Ltr.9,68€*
Conpart impregnating glaze 8070
Item no.: 39-1031688x
15,19 €/Ltr.11,39€*
Brillux Impredur Wood protecting Primer 250 colorless
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Almost everyone has a garden fence, whether for optical or purposeful reasons plays no role in the color refreshment of the fence. Every fence needs a new paint layer every 2-3 years. In most cases this is done with a glaze, which is often a wood fence.

Of course, these are also made of metal and we have the right colors and products in our category "Fences". It is important to act only at an early stage before the boards begin to decay or even be attacked by pests such as woodworms.

The varnishes we offer are from the manufacturers Brillux and Sikkens and thus one of the top products on the market. In the case of a slight attack by Grünbelag such as Moss, a high pressure cleaner helps to get everything clean. If the wood is offset with an old color which can be peeled off in some places you can also use a brush to help. For stubborn paints the wire brush is used. If you have treated the surfaces with water, you have to wait a few days until you can paint them, since these must first be 100% dry.

Also good tools and materials like, brushes, paints, masking and rolls are very important.

For a new coat of paint, it is a good idea to sand everything with a medium sandpaper and clean it. The material now has a rough surface again and is gripping for the new painting. Now you only have to choose a shade you would like in the front garden. Or vote which fits the rest of the house and results in an optically fitting picture.

For the metal variant, you can select only one covering color, such as the high gloss lacquer Rubbol Gold plus from Sikkens. This is extremely resistant to weather and is ideal for high outdoor use.

We hope that you have found something suitable for your fence and are available to you with further product questions gladly by telephone as well as by mail.

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