Renovation paint for wood and metal doors

Doors are available in various materials, whether wood, metal or plastic. They must be treated with different products. If you want to paint a door again, you have to apply a basic coat as a bonding agent. In this section you will find primers, pre-lacquers and varnishes for the renovation of doors.

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Albrecht Universal Primer interior/exterior
Item no.: 44-FADISALB04-00
30,05 €/Ltr.11,27€*
Conpart impregnating glaze 8070
Item no.: 39-1031688x
83,68 €/Ltr.62,76€*
Brillux 2K-Aqua Epoxy Primer 2373 600 ml Successor to 873
Item no.: 237306000000
30,72 €/Stück30,72€*
Brillux Zinc Dust Paint 128
Item no.: 01280500000X
119,34 €/Ltr.59,67€*
Herbol hydroprimer waterthinnable indoor and outdoor white
Item no.: 15-241001
18,13 €/Ltr.18,13€*
Brillux Impredur Wood protecting Primer 250 colorless
Item no.: 025007500000x
27,48 €/Ltr.20,61€*
Albrecht Rust-Prevention Thermal Paint interior/exterior can black
Item no.: 44-FALACALC13
127,76 €/Ltr.15,97€*
Albrecht Chalkboard Lacquer matt
Item no.: 44-FALACALB28-00
24,32 €/Ltr.18,24€*
Pufas Fine Filler 400 g
Item no.: 17-34-0,4-4007954334010
8,05 €/kg3,22€*
Albrecht Satin color Coloured Paint silk gloss interior/exterior can
Item no.: 44-FALACALB69-00
46,48 €/Ltr.5,81€*
Herbol acrylic satin silk gloss varnish semi-gloss white
Item no.: 15-246001
20,60 €/Ltr.20,60€*
Sikkens Polyfilla Pro W360 2in1-System repair compound 250 ml
Item no.: 2-804545
136,12 €/Ltr.34,03€*
Geiger wood bleach powder brightening of precious woods
Item no.: 2-0003019
39,97 €/kg11,99€*
Brillux Impredur Ventipaint 822 white (protect only from 3 ltr.)
Item no.: 082207500000
33,55 €/Ltr.25,16€*
Sikkens Cetol BL Unitop transparent hard lacquer colourless
Item no.: 3-5950000
32,49 €/Ltr.32,49€*
Brillux Hydro-PU-Tec Filler Paint 2020 white
Item no.: 202007500000
31,71 €/Ltr.23,78€*
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Wooden doors in the exterior, consisting of pinewood: If these surfaces are completely raw and no old paint is present, the door surfaces must be pre-treated with an impregnation lacquer as a blue and mushroom protection.

If existing wood is affected by a woodworm, it is advisable to pre-treat the surfaces with Prisma Holzwurmex as a wood pestle and control agent. Subsequently, the doors are precoated with a primer optionally opaque or as a glazing varnish. The lacquers from Brillux or Sikkens are very suitable as intermediate and final coatings.

On the left side of the navigation, you can select whether the products should be displayed, glazed, or covering. The wood structure remains visible when the coating is applied to a wooden substrate. A covering lacquer of the doors creates a solid, homogeneous painting. On the left-hand side, select the area under the heading "Spatiality" by painting the doors. You have the choice between inside and outside. After selecting the appropriate area, you will be shown the products that are suitable for this area.

In the section on the left side of the navigation, you can choose whether you want to paint a plastic door again or if you have a metal door, of which existing old paintings have already been processed. Go as an example, with the left side on plastic substrate. You will immediately be shown the special products for plastic substrates. The round circles, among the products, immediately tell you which product it is. A round circle with a brush stroke, which is green in the background, marks a primer. A round circle, green background with two brush strokes, immediately shows that this product can be processed as an intermediate coat.

A green circle, with three brush strokes, means that this product can be used as a final coat. If you need help selecting the right color for the new coating of your doors, do not hesitate to call us at 02864-9487 90. We will be pleased to advise you at any time.

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