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All applications at a glance!

You are looking for a suitable product for your window, garage or patio? Here you can find the right products for your specific application.

You do not know how to get the product you are looking for as quickly as possible?

With us, this is quite easy, here you can see all the areas individually, which are equipped with subcategories so that you can search and find everything directly. There is something for everyone.

Here are now 14 different categories available, all areas where you can use colors, varnishes and glazes. Each topic gets its own subcategory, so you can order the product quickly and with just a few clicks directly. Each of our products in the shop is described in detail and contains a practical leaflet in which all additional information can be found. We offer you: door, door frames, children's toys, garage door, windows, garden furniture, railings, terrace, flooring, log cabin, furniture, fences, radiators and roof overhangs. Each category contains several high quality and perfectly matching products. Selected products from selected brands, such as Brillux Sikkens or Herbol. Of course it always depends on which material the individual objects are to be primed, painted, varnished or after-treated. If you are not sure which is best for you, you can install a filter which will help you find the right solution. Now you can read and order everything in peace. Of course, we are also available to you personally, you are welcome to call us, to contact us by mail or simply to come to our company in Reken Visit and directly to arrange a technical consultation on site. We look forward to you.

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