Glossary of Terms

Welcome to our Glossary of Terms. Here we would like to explain some technical terms related to the range of our shop "Farbe-und-Technik". Take just a moment and browse our library terminology.

containing solvents

Solvent-based paints and varnishes contain solvents which produce an odour during processing. The new colors and solvent based paints are reduced to a small portion of solvent. Cleaning of tools can only be done with dilution.




Water-based products contain water as a solvent and diluent. During the processing of these products there is only a small, or no odour. The tools can be cleaned with water.



two-component 2K

Products marked with the note "two components" are mixed before processing with hardener. These products are mostly special colours with special properties. An example of this properties can be a special resistant coating, or that this product can be used particularly as an adhesive for difficult, special surfaces.




These products can be used fo interior.




These products can be used fo exterior.



wood dimensionally stable

Dimensionally stable wood means wood and wooden structures that don't change its form with different weather. For example windows and doors. These consist of high quality wood which are exquisitely crafted.



wood limited dimensionally stable

Limited dimensionally stable wood means wood and wooden structures which change its form marginally with different weather conditions and temperature. For example: garden furniture or wooden boarding outside with tongue and groove (of soffits occur or wooden garage doors, windows and shutters).



wood not dimensionally

Not dimensionally wood means wood and wooden structures which change its form radically with different weather and temperature. For example wooden fences or external weather boarding and pergolas.



metal untreated

Untreated metal must always be greased and provided with a base coat. Subsequently, a coating can be applied.