Wood protection indoors

What colorless / permeable wood stain is recommended for a bathroom as well as indoors? How is this process?

Generally interior wood requires no special wood protection against moulds and blue stain. Except in wet areas, where wood takes on a moisture content of more than 20%.

Inside there it is sufficient to coat the wood with a transparent water dilutable wood stain. An ideal product for this is the Brillux Lacryl Woodstain 235. For the first coat on new or bare wood, you can diluted the woodstain with 10% water and then it can be primed.

After that it is recommended to sand the wood with a P120 grit sandpaper and afterwards you can apply the final coat e.g. Brillux Lacryl Woodstain 235.
After this final coat the result will be a smooth and protected from moisture natural wood surface.




wood discolouring/ blue stain/ wood-destroying fungus/ water stains

Natural wood protection against fungi and insects as well as the weather resistance of wood

Wood has natural defenses against "woody enemies". Wood enemies can be fungi or insects, but also the weather.



protective measures

Fichteblue stain sensitivesusceptible3dry wood, very poor, sapwood moisture wood with water-soluble means satisfactory impregnates
Common Pinesusceptible, sapwood particularly blue stain sensitivesusceptible2 sapwood 3core moderately*, sapwood** impregnates well
Hemlocksusceptiblesusceptible3moderately to poor impregnates
Larchfew to moderately susceptiblemoderately susceptible2moderate impregnates
Redwoodcore little sapwood, moderately susceptiblefewer susceptible1impregnates
firblue stain sensitive, susceptiblesusceptible3core susceptibel, sapwood impregnates well
Weymouth-Pineblue stain sensitive, susceptiblefew susceptible3core moderately to few, sapwood impregnates very well

weather resistancy of the woods

  1. weather-resistant; up to several decades outside stable; exterior timber

  2. moderate weather-resistant; unprotected only celestially, therefore not in the earth-ground zone, satisfactory; exterior timber with sufficient protection, Coats and/or impregnation that is appropriate

  3. not weather-resistant; susceptible woods, Which can not be used in exterior construction without effective protection by impregnation and constructional measures
    *Core moderately = The core wood is the inner center of the tree trunk, it consists of dead tissue, is often darker colored than the rest of the tree trunk.
    **sapwood = The sapwood is the layer after the heartwood, it contains living cells, is involved in the water conduction and is often lighter colored against the core wood.