Window (white or colored opaque) intact old coat

Reconstruction Step 1: Remove paint

The old, loose paint layer have to pickling by burning, completely removed with a wire brush or sandpaper. To skimp on work steps, you can immediately treat the wood with a paint remover e.g. Brillux Top 155. After the agency of the paint remover the color can be deported/removed with a spatula. To remove remaining leavings from cracks and pores you can use a high-pressure cleaner to wash out. Before continuing work of the substrate should be tight, dry, clean, viable and free of release agents.

Reconstruction Step 2: impregnate window

Afterwards impregnate the wood for example with Brillux Impredur Wood Impregnating Primer 550 or Sikkens Cetol Aktiva. The wood protection against blue stain and mold is essential for softwoods.

Reconstruction Step 3: Prime window

Use a primer. One coat is sufficient. Suitable products are for example Brillux Impredur Primer 835 or Sikkens Rubbol Ventura Satin.

Reconstruction Step 4: Filling uneven areas at the window

If a painting is hiding, you can fill holes and cracks with putty e.g. Brillux Synthetic Resin Filler 1022 or Sikkens window putty fast drying filler 900. After that  sand the transitions between wood and putty.

Reconstruction Step 5: Paint window with intermediate coat and topcoat

The intermediate and final coat can for be done with e.g Brillux Impredur Ventilack 822 or Sikkens Rubbol Ventura Satin.