Wide range of paints, varnishes, cleaners or special colors

You will find a mixed variety of products from various manufacturers and brands. Some specialized in the cleaning, care or control of pests. Test the products of manufacturers Pufas, Dr. Schutz, Herbol, Jati, prism Glutoclean, Geiger, Kluthe and Conpart yourself.

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Ewering Antikweiß about 2 liters bottled for repainting
Item no.: 10-9900125-2l
7,07 €/Ltr.14,13€*
Pufas Wood-Chip Reparation Filler 330 g
Item no.: 17-333-0,33-4007954342015
10,58 €/kg3,49€*
Albrecht Universal Primer interior/exterior
Item no.: 44-FADISALB04-00
30,05 €/Ltr.11,27€*
Glutoclean Teak Cleaner and greay varnisher 750 ml
Item no.: 17-390372
8,27 €/Ltr.6,20€*
Glutoclean Teak and hardwood Oil 1 Ltr.
Item no.: 17-390371
9,44 €/Ltr.9,44€*
Conpart impregnating glaze 8070
Item no.: 39-1031688x
83,68 €/Ltr.62,76€*
Hand disinfection Dr. Schutz SaniSchutz 100 ml
Item no.: 71-4700010000
5,63 €/Stück5,63€*
Pufas Modelling plaster for construction and hobbies 1.5 kg
Item no.: 17-25-00-400795403xx
0,97 €/kg1,45€*
Pufas Wood-Chip Power Remover 250 ml
Item no.: 17-93-00-400795406xx
11,24 €/Ltr.2,81€*
Hand disinfection Dr. Schutz SaniSchutz 5 liter canister
Item no.: 71-4700000500
106,57 €/Stück106,57€*
Pufas Instant Filler for interior/exterior - tube 400 g
Item no.: 17-33-0,4-4007954333068
7,80 €/kg3,12€*
PUFAMIX Universal tinting paint concentrate 20 ml
Item no.: 17--0,02-400292630xx
120,50 €/Ltr.2,41€*
Milacor magnetic paint interior use solvent free
Item no.: 15-0029000
31,51 €/Ltr.31,51€*
Pufas Joint Repari white - ready for use - 400 g
Item no.: 17-375-0,4-4007954042014
8,05 €/kg3,22€*
Dr. Schutz ScratchFix PU Repair Set
Item no.: 0601000450
42,89 €/Stück42,89€*
Surface disinfection Dr. Schutz SaniSchutz 10 Liter canister
Item no.: 71-4710001025
56,93 €/Stück56,93€*
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You are looking for special cleaners, oils, paint or varnish and can not find in the other categories this? Then you are in the right place because we have not only products of the company Brillux or Sikkens product range but also in a lot of other manufacturers. Here is a small list of other products that we have for you in our assortment. We can offer a very good cleaner for all hardwoods you by the company Glutoclean and a then-requiring hardwood oil with which your wood furniture look like new outdoors again. Also by the company Herbol we can produce optimal primer and a silk gloss coating which offer completely on acrylic base. Herewith doors railings furniture and garage doors of metal or plastic can be pros and top coated. From the company Milacor we have the magnetic ink in the range, which replaces any boring magnetic board. So can any surfaces are painted individually to which you want to later hang Magnets, whether in the nursery at the office or in the kitchen. It is important that the color requires three successive coats in order to allow a perfect adhesion of the magnets. Then they can simply be painted over. In addition, we impregnating glazes, repair, design floor care sets and special wiper on offer, as well as wood bleach powder in 100 or 300 g. What must not be missing are our colors Ewering Interior Matt LF, Antique White ELF or ELF Power White. We hope that we could help you with your specific search and you find something reasonable. Please contact us for further questions.

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