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Herbol - High-quality products such as paint, varnish and glazes

Herbol hydroprimer waterthinnable indoor and outdoor white
Item no.: 15-241001
18,13 €/Ltr.18,13€*
Herbol acrylic satin silk gloss varnish semi-gloss white
Item no.: 15-246001
20,60 €/Ltr.20,60€*

The Herbol brand stands for demand and quality and has convinced many users for over 170 years. The Herbol range offers a complete range of dispersion paints, varnishes and glazes. The products, which are designed for renovation, renovation and new construction, ensure that you can work quickly, safely and productively as a professional, craftsman and DIY company. Just about every product we offer is miscible and customizable in all standard color shades. If you are in the area, you can also visit us in our shop in Reken. We have a wide range of stock and mix your color on site.

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