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NEW arrivals

Brillux Silicone Facade Paint 918 white
Item no.: 091800100000xx
14,10 €/Ltr.141,02€*
Brillux Mineral Hand Applying Light Filler 1886 white 10 liters bucket
Item no.: 188600100000
4,72 €/Ltr.47,24€*
Brillux Gletscher Weiß ELF 970 white matt 15 liters bucket
Item no.: 097000150000xx
7,58 €/Ltr.113,70€*
Brillux Silicone Brush-On Filler 910 white 15 liters bucket
Item no.: 091000150095
12,11 €/Ltr.181,71€*
Brillux Aqualoma ELF 202 white matt
Item no.: 020200050000xx
20,94 €/Ltr.104,72€*
Pufas fast-setting filler paste interior/exterior 200 gr. white
Item no.: 17-31-0,2-4007954336014
26,20 €/kg5,24€*
Brillux silicone plaster primer 3644 white 15 liter bucket
Item no.: 364400150095
10,14 €/Ltr.152,08€*
Brillux Floortec PU Floor Sealer ELF 847
Item no.: 084702,57000
29,13 €/Ltr.72,83€*
Brillux Facade Filler M 926 white powder 25 kg bag
Item no.: 092600250000
2,87 €/kg71,70€*
Brillux Distemper ELF 58 white matt 10 liters bucket
Item no.: 005800100095
6,36 €/Ltr.63,55€*
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