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These products are used to treat wooden substrates

Wood is not the same timber. Especially not in the constitution. We distinguish the following types: "dimensionally stable wood", "wood dimensionally stable due" and "wood not true to size." Products for proper treatment and care can be found here.

Brillux Parquet Sealant 342 shiny colorless
Item no.: 03420750000x
47,80 €/Ltr.35,85€*
Sikkens Cetol HLS extra solvent-borne, semi-gloss finishing coat
Item no.: 3-4256800
21,45 €/Ltr.21,45€*
Brillux Impredur High Gloss Paint 840
Item no.: 084007500000
39,77 €/Ltr.29,83€*
Brillux Synthetic Resin Filler 1022 250 gr. White
Item no.: 102202500000
123,60 €/kg30,90€*
Brillux Gel-Woodstain 510 (protect only from 0,75 ltr.)
Item no.: 051007500000
33,89 €/Ltr.25,42€*
Brillux Gold Bronze 295 gold 125 ml
Item no.: 029501250000x
125,84 €/Ltr.15,73€*
Sikkens Rubbol Vorlack plus top class undercoat
Item no.: 3-4271100
24,77 €/Ltr.24,77€*
Sikkens Kodrin Seal 320 ml semitransparent
Item no.: 3-35576
116,97 €/Ltr.37,43€*
Sikkens Rubbol BL Magura water borned PU special matt coating
Item no.: 3-5564000
42,80 €/Ltr.42,80€*
Sikkens Rubbol Satura plus highly durable solvent-borne opaque
Item no.: 3-4269900
28,45 €/Ltr.28,45€*
Sikkens Componex WR two-component primer and timber/filler beige
Item no.: 3-5224000
101,60 €/Ltr.58,93€*
Sikkens Cetol BL Aktiva BP colorless impregnation (wood preserver)
Item no.: 3-2118200
22,45 €/Ltr.22,45€*
Sikkens Rubbol BL Ventura satin one-pot system for exterior
Item no.: 3-1675600
38,57 €/Ltr.38,57€*
Sikkens Cetol Aktiva BS colorless impregnation (wood preserver)
Item no.: 3-2117600
21,47 €/Ltr.21,47€*
Brillux Hydro-PU-Tec Silk Matt Paint 2088
Item no.: 208807500000
39,93 €/Ltr.29,95€*
Brillux 2C Uni Polyester Filler 667 beige
Item no.: 066702500000x
79,84 €/Ltr.19,96€*

Wood dimensionally: Wood is a dimensionally stable wood and wood structures that do not change their shape in the event of different weather influences, Windows and doors. These consist of high-quality wood, which is elaborately processed and glued.

Timber limited in size: Timber is understood to mean wood and wood constructions that change their shape to a small extent with different weather influences and temperature differences. Examples of this are: garden furniture or wooden exteriors with tongue and groove, here as examples roofs or garage doors. Blendlords also belong to the range of limited-scale timber.

Wood not dimensioned: wood is not meant to be measured, and wood constructions, which change their shape strongly in the event of different weather influences and temperature differences, For example, these are board fences or outer shells as well as pergolas.

Various varnishes and varnishes are available to work with different types of wood.

Before painting your wood with a varnish or a lacquer, it is important, if not yet available, to impregnate the wood or to give the wood a better protection.

For a glaze you should pre-treat your wood with an impregnation or thin-layer glaze.

For this purpose, you will find, for example, From Sikkens the thin layer glaze Cetol HLS extra is suitable for dimensionally stable and limited dimensionally stable wood.

Cetol HLS extra is protected against algae and fungi and has a high UV protection.

After the painting we recommend to make the wood preservation and design with a thick layer of lacquer perfect. In this case it would be from Sikkens Filter 7 plus.

The high transparency ensures excellent revitalization of the grain.

Also for a covering painting you will find many possibilities in our shop.

This is also the Brillux valve bag 822, which is the basic, intermediate and final coat in a can. It is excellently suited to dimensioned and limitedly dimensioned wooden components. It protects against moisture absorption and can be ordered in different colors.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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