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Special products for the maintenance of wall, floor and other surfaces

In this category you will find all the special features of special or special products. Find  products that are caring or repairing.

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Pufas Wood-Chip Reparation Filler 330 g
Item no.: 17-333-0,33-4007954342015
10,58 €/kg3,49€*
Brillux Synthetic Skin 980 1 liters bucket
Item no.: 098000010000
32,41 €/Ltr.32,41€*
Glutoclean Teak Cleaner and greay varnisher 750 ml
Item no.: 17-390372
8,27 €/Ltr.6,20€*
Glutoclean Teak and hardwood Oil 1 Ltr.
Item no.: 17-390371
9,44 €/Ltr.9,44€*
Brillux Latex Plastic ELF 904 white
Item no.: 090400070000xx
11,25 €/kg78,76€*
Pufas Wood-Chip Power Remover 250 ml
Item no.: 17-93-00-400795406xx
11,24 €/Ltr.2,81€*
Pufas Instant Filler for interior/exterior - tube 400 g
Item no.: 17-33-0,4-4007954333068
7,80 €/kg3,12€*
PUFAMIX Universal tinting paint concentrate 20 ml
Item no.: 17--0,02-400292630xx
120,50 €/Ltr.2,41€*
Milacor magnetic paint interior use solvent free
Item no.: 15-0029000
31,51 €/Ltr.31,51€*
Brillux Mold Protection 930 white matt
Item no.: 093002,50000xx
16,39 €/Ltr.40,98€*
Pufas Joint Repari white - ready for use - 400 g
Item no.: 17-375-0,4-4007954042014
8,05 €/kg3,22€*
Albrecht Tile Lacquer glossy 750 ml can pure white
Item no.: 44-FALACALFLI
22,83 €/Ltr.17,12€*
Brillux 2K-Aqua Harder 2380 (for silk matt lacquer 2388)
Item no.: 238001250000x
22,20 €/Stück22,20€*
Brillux Road Marking Paint 108 3 Ltr.
Item no.: 010800030000
35,77 €/Ltr.107,32€*
Hydro Facade Impregnating Agent 512 colorless 1Ltr.
Item no.: 051200010000
95,20 €/Ltr.95,20€*
Albrecht Rust-Prevention Thermal Paint interior/exterior can black
Item no.: 44-FALACALC13
127,76 €/Ltr.15,97€*
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In this section you will find our special products. For one, the Jati mold remover. As the term suggests, this spray is used to remove fungus. To the product description: The spray is environmentally friendly and a ready-to-use disinfectant solution on surfaces. The product is reliable in 60 minutes. In addition, the mold remover has been tested for skin tolerance, has a high activity against mold fungi and bacteria and is also easily biodegradable. The Jati mold remover can be used to kill molds and bacteria on infected surfaces in living and sleeping areas, kitchen and sanitary areas. It is also particularly well suited for large-area infestations in industry and warehouse buildings, public buildings as well as in food processing plants.

Another product in the Special Products category is the product: Dr. Protection ScratchFix PU Repair Set. The Dr. Protection ScratchFix PU Repair Set has been specially developed for the design / Vinly floors. The set includes a ScratchFix PU Repair pen, 1 Scratchfix PU Repair Spray, 1 cleaning and care instructions and 1 white handpad to remove the strokes. The ScratchFix eliminate scratches on the surfaces of the vinyl floors. The last products in this overview are the product Dr. Protection Premium Design Floor Care Set Plus. This set includes 1 bottle of PU cleaner for the regular cleaning of the floors. 1 bottle of full care to freshen the worn surfaces. 1 Scratchfix PU Repair Pen with accessories to retouch slight scratches and 1 care and cleaning instructions and 1 white handpad for removal of backstops. With these products you have the perfect care for your new Vinlyboden. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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