Decorative and timeless plastering systems for your interior

In this category, you will find decorative, timeless and durable plaster systems that give new expression to your interior.

Brillux Silcate Primer ELF 1803 colorless
Item no.: 180300050000xx
7,35 €/Ltr.36,77€*
Brillux Airless Filler 1890 white 15 liters
Item no.: 189000150000xx
2,01 €/Ltr.30,17€*
Pufas Interior Filler 0.5 kg
Item no.: 17-1-00-400795403xx
2,60 €/kg1,30€*
Brillux Universal Fungicide 542 mixing ratio 1:2 Water
Brillux Airless Filler light 1885 white 15 liters
Item no.: 188500150000xx
3,02 €/Ltr.45,34€*
Pufas Wallpaper Primer white 2.5 liters
Item no.: 17-137-00-400795412xx
10,10 €/Ltr.25,24€*
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