Farbe-und-Technik FAQ's

Which white paint can I use for my knotty pine paneling?

For painting your paneling we suggest the product "Brillux Lacryl-PU Silk Matt Paint 270 ".
If the paneling is not primed, you have to pretreat the surface with a primer, e.g. "Brillux Lacryl Universal Primer 246". Before use 246, the surface has to be sanded before. Within 2-3 hours the primer can be overcoated.



How can I remove water stains on window frames made of wood?

You should grind the old water stains on the window with sandpaper.
Where possible, arise a color-matched ground.
After sanding you can use a transparent hard lacquer, e. g. "Sikkens Cetol BL Unitop".
We would recommend a woodstain semi-gloss finish like "Sikkens Cetol BL 31", because it is also available in different wood colors. 



What can I do, if the paint spall off my roof (weather side) and some places stain black or get fungal infestation?

For remove the mould you must proceed as follows:

Grinding the wood.
Paint the wood with a protection against blue stain. "Brillux Impredur Holzimprägniergrund 550"
Then paint the wood with a thin layer varnish e.g. "Sikkens Cetol HLS or Sikkens Cetol Novatech".



I want to brighten my dark wooden garden house. How should I proceed so that the wood structure will survive?

Unfortunately you can't get the wood bright again with a bright glaze. With each paint the wood will be a little darker.

Either you grind the wood complete, so that you get the original colour of the wood, or you can also try a special powder to bleach the wood. The wood bleaching powder helps to restore the natural colour of weathered wood.
After that you can try to paint and protect the wood with a light glaze e.g. "Sikkens HLS".

The "Aufhelltechnik"/"Brighten technique" should be another method to get dark wood brighter. More detailed information you can find here: Brighten Technique



For the renovation coating of garden wood furniture I am looking for the right glaze. What product do you recommend for my project, Sikkens Cetol HLS Extra or Cetol Filter 7?

For the painting only Sikkens HLS is suitable. When HLS product is a "non-film-forming" product.
The product Filter 7 is "film-forming", and therefore not suitable.

For garden furniture paint must be used that are non-film forming.
Thus, the moisture that is stuck in the wood has the opportunity to withdraw again.
For the product, such as filter 7 as flaking of paint would arise.