Sikkens Cetol Clearcoat HB Colorless finish

Item no.: 3-3500900

wood dimensionally stable
wood limited dimensionally stable
glaze wood protection
40,05 €/Ltr.
containing solvents
gloss level
translucent color
wood dimensionally stable
wood limited dimensionally stable
application range
wooden house / blockhouse
Color / Glaze / Laquer
wood protection
Colorless finish coating with binary light stabilizers (UV blockers) for extended periods of glaze coating exterior

Application: The Cetol Clearcoat products can be used in the system design with the solvent-based systems Cetol glaze. The application takes place within a system structure as an additional coat or with an intact glaze coating as renovating coat. Cetol this clearcoat can the entire surface or only in certain areas, for example you can used on site or weather Weather legs. By applying the characteristics Cetol Clearcoat products can the service life or the renovation of glaze systems intervals can be extended. This product group includes special binary light stabilizers for improved UV resistance. The Cetol Clearcoat products are used as an additional coat in the system with the Cetol glazes. In the system used is the original color, maintained in medium and dark shades of stain, even with the renovations. In bright glaze colors, such as 030 opal white, the color can be achieved by slightly greenish coloration of the Cetol Clearcoat change products. Easy processing and good compatibility with the basic components of Cetol HLS plus *, * Cetol Filter 7, Cetol Novatech and Cetol * HS * Color distinguishes the products. The extension of the shelf life of the glaze system is also dependent on the thickness of the applied clearcoat. The higher the layer thickness, the longer the life of the system. With Cetol Clearcoat HB the highest layer thickness is achieved. The products are equipped with a preservative to protect the film from micro-organisms and can not be used indoors. Note: Windows and external doors - even the insides - are not part of interiors.


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Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 plus long life thick-layer stain
Item no.: 3-4252500
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