Ground coats and primer of Brillux colors

Primers of Brillux offers an optimal base for not treated surface such as wood, iron and steel. Thus, the surfaces can easily process. Undercoat are those coatings which can applied after priming and before the top coat. This undercoats usually have the property to cover the ground so that the entire surface of the final coat / top coat can be applied in a thinner layer.

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Lacryl Deep Penetrating ELF 595 transparent
Item no.: 059500010000x
9,59 €/Ltr.9,59€*
Brillux Adhension Primer ELF 3720 white
Item no.: 372000050000
6,01 €/Ltr.30,04€*
Brillux 2K-Aqua Epoxy Primer 2373 600 ml Successor to 873
Item no.: 237306000000
30,72 €/Stück30,72€*
Brillux 2K-Epoxi-Varioprimer-S-864 4 Liter (Nachfolgeprodukt Haftgrund 855)
Brillux Zinc Dust Paint 128
Item no.: 01280500000X
119,34 €/Ltr.59,67€*
Brillux 2K-Epoxi-Varioprimer-865 1 Liter (Nachfolgeprodukt Haftgrund 855)
Brillux Impredur Ventipaint 822 white (protect only from 3 ltr.)
Item no.: 082207500000
33,55 €/Ltr.25,16€*
Brillux 2C Epoxy Primer 855 0,5 ltr. only lightgrey
Item no.: 085500010000
36,90 €/Ltr.36,90€*
Brillux Hydro-PU-Tec Filler Paint 2020 white
Item no.: 202007500000
31,71 €/Ltr.23,78€*
Brillux Isoprimer 243 white
Item no.: 024300010000
37,31 €/Ltr.27,98€*
Brillux Impredur Primer 835 white
Item no.: 083507500000
31,63 €/Ltr.23,72€*
Brillux Metal Primer 850
Item no.: 085007500000
33,31 €/Ltr.12,49€*
Brillux Lacryl Universal Primer 246 white
Item no.: 024607500000
21,64 €/Ltr.16,23€*
Brillux Filler Paint Tix 120 white
Item no.: 012007500000
33,24 €/Ltr.24,93€*
Brillux Isolating Primer 115 white
Item no.: 011507500000
39,33 €/Ltr.29,50€*
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For wood surfaces that are not treated, the Impredur base 835 of Brillux is suitable.
The primer 835 is used as a basic coat and intermediate paint on wood components such as hardwood and softwood on windows, doors and panels. In addition, the reason may be 835 used as an intermediate coat on primed metal surfaces. Also, the reason is aromatic, mild odor, alkyd resin base, suitable for exterior and interior, matt, water vapor permeable, thus regulates moisture and has an excellent filling and covering power.

For a primer on iron and steel, the manufacturer offers the Primer 850 at. The primer 580 is matt, suitable for exterior and interior, quick drying, heat resistant up to + 180 ° C, making it suitable as an adhesion promoting primer and radiator. The primer is available in the following colors: 0095 white, 87.03.18 (7106 gray), 27.12.24 (8101 maroon), 9900 black.

The Multi Primer 227 has been developed for thick-layer anti-corrosive coatings on steel substrates, especially in the system structure with MP Thick Film 229. It also serves as a universal primer on iron, steel, aluminum, zinc and rigid PVC. This product also has the following properties: matt, excellent corrosion resistance, excellent adhesion to many substrates in thick coats applicable, suitable for exterior and interior, approved as a system installation on steel as corrosion category C4 according to DIN EN ISO 12944, Part 6 and almost no embrittlement binder copolymer resins.

Another primer is the water based primer Lacryl Universal 246. It is suitable for priming on zinc, wood, galvanized steel, plastics and aluminum. The Lacryl- Primer 246 is quick drying, easy to apply, has a good filling and hiding power, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is based on acrylic resins. With the products of Brillux you will always find a suitable primer for your surfaces. The products are perfectly matched and impress with their quality.

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