Brillux exterior plaster - design and protection for your masonry

The Brillux exterior plaster system provides optimum protection for your masonry. Each exterior product is adapted for the appropriate substrate and protects your façade from moisture. With various plastering techniques you can achieve a wide range of façade designs.

Brillux Special Synthetic Resin Thinner 915 colorless
Item no.: 09150001000X
16,17 €/Ltr.16,17€*
Brillux Elastic Fabrics 1566 50 m x 25 m 12.5 m² Roll
Item no.: 156600250050xx
7,53 €/qm94,14€*
Brillux Fine Silicate Climate Plaster ELF 1808 white 25 kg bucket
Item no.: 180800250095
5,72 €/kg143,10€*
Brillux 56 weather resistant exterior paint matt white exterior
Item no.: 005602,50000
10,14 €/Ltr.25,35€*
Brillux Top-Elastik Facade Paint 380 white 15 liters bucket
Item no.: 038000150095
18,22 €/Ltr.273,28€*
Brillux Silicone Priming Paint 916 transparent
Item no.: 091600050000xx
8,06 €/Ltr.40,28€*
Brillux Isolating Primer 949 white
Item no.: 094912,50095
17,99 €/Ltr.224,91€*
Brillux Creativ Vivalin Facade Glaze 866 basic material
Item no.: 086602,50000xx
23,46 €/Ltr.58,64€*
Brillux Silcate Primer ELF 1803 colorless
Item no.: 180300050000xx
7,35 €/Ltr.36,77€*
Brillux Universal Fungicide 542 mixing ratio 1:2 Water
Item no.: 054200010000xx
15,11 €/Ltr.15,11€*
Brillux Reinforcement Adhesive 480 white 20 kg bucket
Item no.: 048000200095
12,02 €/kg240,38€*
Brillux Facade Filler M 926 white powder 25 kg bag
Item no.: 092600250000
2,38 €/kg59,50€*
Brillux silicone plaster primer 3644 white 15 liter bucket
Item no.: 364400150095
10,10 €/Ltr.151,46€*
Brillux Silicone Facade Paint 918 white
Item no.: 091800100000xx
16,17 €/Ltr.161,72€*
Brillux Crack Stop Filler 376_L brown grey 0.31 liters cartridge
Item no.: 037603100000
21,74 €/Ltr.6,74€*
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