Brillux exterior paints - color design with optimum protection for facades

Brillux's facade paints not only offer a good design basis, but also offer the best protection for your building. The outer panels are perfectly matched for every surface. By the addition of Protect you protect your object also flexibly against algae and fungi.

Brillux Isolating Primer 949 white
Item no.: 094912,50095
17,99 €/Ltr.224,91€*
Brillux Hydro-PU-X Spray Isoprimer 2243 white
Item no.: 224300010095
31,31 €/Ltr.31,31€*
2K-Aqua Epoxy Hardener 2374
Item no.: 23740150000X
96,53 €/Ltr.14,48€*
Brillux Creativ Vivalin Facade Glaze 866 basic material
Item no.: 086602,50000xx
23,46 €/Ltr.58,64€*
Brillux Silcate Primer ELF 1803 colorless
Item no.: 180300050000xx
7,35 €/Ltr.36,77€*
Brillux Quick-Acting Filler 1897 white 0.5 liters tube
Item no.: 189705000000
17,56 €/Ltr.8,78€*
Brillux MP Thick Film 229
Item no.: 022900030000xx
29,08 €/Ltr.87,25€*
Brillux Aerated Concrete Mortar 441 light grey 25 kg bag
Item no.: 044100250000
4,99 €/kg124,65€*
Brillux Silicate Render KR-K2 3631 white 25 kg bucket
Item no.: 363100250095
3,44 €/kg85,98€*
Brillux Universal Fungicide 542 mixing ratio 1:2 Water
Item no.: 054200010000xx
15,11 €/Ltr.15,11€*
Brillux Reinforcement Adhesive 480 white 20 kg bucket
Item no.: 048000200095
12,02 €/kg240,38€*
Brillux 2K-Aqua Silk Matt Enamel 2388 (hardener not included)
Item no.: 238808750000
31,85 €/Stück31,85€*
Brillux Silicate Render KR-K3 3641 white 25 kg bucket
Item no.: 364100250095
3,44 €/kg85,98€*
Brillux Facade Filler M 926 white powder 25 kg bag
Item no.: 092600250000
2,38 €/kg59,50€*
Brillux Floortec PU Floor Sealer ELF 847
Item no.: 084702,57000
35,46 €/Ltr.88,64€*
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