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Brillux paints, varnishes and glazes

The extensive product range of Brillux in our online shop for colors include paints, varnishes, paints and plasters. Protect with waterproofing and protecting your wood surfaces, wood and metal surfaces.

Brillux Quick-Acting Filler 1897 white 0.5 liters tube
Item no.: 189705000000
17,56 €/Ltr.8,78€*
Brillux modeling plaster ELF 3637 white 25 kg
Item no.: 363700250095
3,91 €/kg97,75€*
Brillux Painter's White Paint Extra ELF 954 white matt
Item no.: 095400100000xx
4,32 €/Ltr.43,20€*
Brillux MP Thick Film 229
Item no.: 022900030000xx
29,08 €/Ltr.87,25€*
Brillux Sensocryl ELF 267 white silk matt
Item no.: 026700050000xx
17,53 €/Ltr.87,64€*
Brillux Aerated Concrete Mortar 441 light grey 25 kg bag
Item no.: 044100250000
4,99 €/kg124,65€*
Brillux Silicate Render KR-K2 3631 white 25 kg bucket
Item no.: 363100250095
3,44 €/kg85,98€*
Brillux Universal Fungicide 542 mixing ratio 1:2 Water
Item no.: 054200010000xx
15,11 €/Ltr.15,11€*
Brillux Airless Filler light 1885 white 15 liters
Item no.: 188500150000xx
3,02 €/Ltr.45,34€*
Brillux Hydro-PU-X Spray 2288 Silk Matt white
Item no.: 228800010095
36,84 €/Ltr.36,84€*
Brillux wall paint ELF 971 black 15 liter bucket
Item no.: 097100159900
9,24 €/Ltr.138,65€*
Brillux Hydro-PU-X Spray-Filler 2220
Item no.: 222000010095
31,31 €/Ltr.31,31€*
Brillux Reinforcement Adhesive 480 white 20 kg bucket
Item no.: 048000200095
12,02 €/kg240,38€*
Brillux Impredur High Gloss Varnish 784 colorless
Item no.: 078407500000x
36,60 €/Ltr.27,45€*
Brillux Impredur Silk Matt Varnish 780  colorless
Item no.: 078007500000x
30,07 €/Ltr.22,55€*
Brillux Isolating white 869 white 20 kg bucket
Item no.: 086900200095
10,82 €/kg216,34€*

The manufacturer Brillux offers a wide range of varnishes and paints. The complete range, with more than 12,000 items, is perfectly matched to each other for all tasks of the painter, varnishing and stucco work. In 1889, the company was founded by Hobrecker & König in Münster. From Hobrecker & König became Brillux.


The company's own production began in 1948. Dispersions were also produced in 1968. Now the manufacturer Brillux is already over 125 years. Brillux offers a wide range of products for impregnations, primers, spatulas, pre-lacquers, white and colored lacquers, radiator lacquers, window lacquers, varnishes and top paints, clear lacquers, effect lacquer paints, paint strippers, cleaners and dissolvers, thinners and spray paints.


You will find here the products, which correspond to 100% your requirements. No matter whether professional, DIY or beginners, these products from Brillux can be processed wonderfully.

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